Case for Support:

Build the Future

Improve the Health of Louisiana

Confronting the healthcare shortage in Louisiana is imperative to making our state healthier. The physical space provided by the Center for Medical Education will allow LSU Health Shreveport to increase its medical school class size by 33%. With the ability to graduate an additional 50 doctors per year, we’ll provide much-needed physicians to our region. This innovative and modern center will provide state-of-the-art medical training for our students, and allow LSU Health Shreveport to continue attracting outstanding faculty and students both from Louisiana and every corner of the nation.

Drive Lasting Economic Growth

LSU Health Shreveport not only impacts the health of our region’s citizens but also positively impacts the health of our region’s economy year after year. LSU Health Shreveport is an important economic engine in North Louisiana with a direct impact of $600 million annually. By educating more healthcare professionals and increasing research we can create sustainable economic growth for our region. The Center for Medical Education and the Center of Excellence for Emerging Viral Threats will be the fuel that continues to drive this vital economic engine.

Foster Research Innovation

LSU Health Shreveport is on pace with national leaders in research. The Center for Medical Education will be the home to the Center of Excellence for Emerging Viral Threats (CEVT). This Biosafety Level 3 lab is a high-level viral containment lab capable of addressing future viral outbreaks and will provide a state-of-the-art educational platform for training future medical technologists and scientists whose scope of interest lies in understanding and treating viral disease. The CEVT has made immeasurable contributions in LSU Health Shreveport’s efforts to combat COVID-19 to include robust community testing and vaccine sites, as well as leading Louisiana in genomic sequencing of the virus. 

Reimagine the Student Experience

LSU Health Shreveport students, faculty, and staff require facilities that encourage a healthy workspace and inviting educational environment. The Center for Medical Education will provide 21,500 square feet for group and individual fitness space, meditation, counseling, nutritional wellness, a multi-activity center, and more. By providing students a state-of-the-art wellness facility coupled with education on the importance of a healthy mind and body. we can be confident we have prepared them for the stress of the workforce.


Want To Get Involved?

Donor support is crucial to the success of the Center for Medical Education. Your investment will impact students and faculty today, continue LSU Health Shreveport's success for generations to come, and strengthen the economy of North Louisiana. Thank you for your support.