Naming Opportunities

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Leave a lasting legacy and further LSU Health Shreveport’s mission to teach, heal, and discover by pledging your support for the Center for Medical Education. This page contains a comprehensive list of over 20 naming opportunities allowing you to attach your name to a designated space. We invite you to consider a naming opportunity attached to the aspect of the building most meaningful to you. 

Floor Plan – Level 1

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Naming Opportunities

Wellness Center – $5,000,000 (NAMED)

Assembly Halls – $2,000,000 (NAMED)

Multi-Activity Gymnasium – $1,000,000

Functional Fitness Studio – $750,000

Group Exercise Studio – $750,000

Faculty Club – $500,000

Dining Area (Hall) – $500,000

Small Classrooms (4 of 6 NAMED) – $75,000

(Open) Student Lounge – $75,000

Floor Plan – Level 2

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Naming Opportunities

Auditorium – $5,000,000

Cardio Studio – $250,000

Procedural Skills Lab (2 of 4 NAMED) – $100,000

Open Quiet Area – $100,000

Outdoor Student Lounge – $100,000

Outdoor Meditation Area – $75,000

Huddle : Small Group Rooms (2 of 4 NAMED) – $75,000

Meditation Rooms (3 available) – $25,000

Meditation Lobby (NAMED) – $25,000

Floor Plan – Level 3

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Naming Opportunities

Simulation Center – $2,000,000

Open Biosafety Level 2 Lab – $1,000,000

Biosafety Level 3/Animal Biosafety Level 3 Labs – $1,000,000

Biosafety Level 2 Training Lab – $500,000 (NAMED)

Large Conference Room (CEVT) – $250,000

Hospital Ward – $100,000 (NAMED)

Ultrasound Training – $100,000 (NAMED)

Large Classroom – $100,000

Debrief Rooms (2 available) – $75,000

OBGYN Room – $75,000

Staff Conference Room – $75,000

Technical Skills Lab – $75,000 (NAMED)

Small Conference Room (CEVT) – $50,000

Simulation Rooms (3 available) – $50,000

FES/FLS Training (NAMED) – $50,000

Floor Plan – Level 4

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Naming Opportunities

Clinical Skills Center – $2,000,000

Small Classroom – $75,000

Harvey Exam Room (NAMED)– $75,000

Exam Rooms (4 of 15 NAMED) – $25,000

Leave Your Legacy

Ensure your name is a permanent part of the Center for Medical Education at LSU Health Shreveport with a custom plaque on an auditorium seat or an engraved brick paver. These lasting gifts are perfect for alumni, current students, and are a great way to honor those who have come before to help pave the way for medical education.

A Closer Look

This self-guided tour walks you through the innovative Center for Medical Education. Get an up-close look at the 500-seat auditorium, the Clinical Skills Center, the state-of-the-art fitness rooms, the Center of Excellence for Emerging Viral Threats, and everything in between.

Want To Get Involved?

Donor support is crucial to the success of the Center for Medical Education. Your investment will impact students and faculty today, continue LSU Health Shreveport's success for generations to come, and strengthen the economy of North Louisiana. Thank you for your support.